How To Promote Your Music To The Right People

Promote Your MusicHere's a quick tip that can really help you promote your music. Of course you want to get more fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter, but are you on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn may not be the best place to get new fans.  Especially depending on your demographic. If most of the people that turn out to your shows are teenagers, then you can pretty safely assume that they aren't spending much time on LinkedIn.

However, there are a lot of record label executives, music publishers, mangers, agents, promoters, journalists, bloggers, etc… that are an LinkedIn… and they are often VERY active.  This provides you with a really great (and mind-numbingly simple) way to get your music in front of people that can give your career the shot in the arm it needs.

Watch this short video to learn exactly how you can leverage LinkedIn to kick start your career in just a few minutes a week.  Oh, and by the way, this is 100% free to do…

Video Description:

"Promote Your Music With This Simple Trick

In 5 minutes, any musician can have a ton of music industry professionals, journalists, bloggers, and other musicians checking out their tunes with this simple trick for promoting music online.

Musicians often fail to utilize one of the most valuable social networks available to them. Sure, Facebook and Twitter are great, but serious musicians need to be connecting with other industry professionals on LinkedIn.

This video explains the value of LinkedIn Groups, and how musicians can use them to build a following. Groups like Music Marketing Network (…)

are incredibly amazing places for musicians to connect with other professionals in the industry and get massive exposure.

The video does not go into much detail about optimizing your profile and using it to connect in ways other than joining groups. However, if you are interested in learning more about that, you should read this article (…)"

Featured Image: linkedin-part-2 | Photo: Matt Leach